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Meet Lee A. Williams

Lee A. Williams is a speaker, coach, and entrepreneur who has built several lucrative direct selling businesses. While transitioning out of law enforcement he built himself with personal and professional development training that gave him the tools to be successful in business. This allowed him to leave law enforcement and pursue his passions. Lee realized that he could start his own personal and professional development company because success leaves clues. Lee did not recreate the wheel but he put his authentic stamp on personal and professional development. That is when Lee founded Mediocre to Magnificent Inc. 


It is always magnificent when you have a coach or a mentor like Lee that is not just theorizing about something they’ve read in a book or heard. He has actually experienced a transformation himself. Lee breaks down the path to success in relatable steps that change lives from mediocre to magnificent. 


Lee started coaching and speaking to his clients and developed the 8 M’s to Magnificent Living methodology based on his successes. Since then Lee has coached hundreds of thousands of clients. Lee has led and facilitated personal and professional development training sessions. He also has a coaching community where he coaches people to their magnificence. 

Lee serves as a Coach and Trainer providing: Leadership Development, Corporate Training, and Professional Development Training for Companies, Athletic Organizations, and Secondary Educational Institutes

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