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I help professionals, businesses, athletes, and entrepreneurs stop accepting mediocrity to accomplish magnificence so they too can spread their message and manifest success.

Meet Lee A. Williams

Lee A. Williams is a speaker, coach, and entrepreneur whose intense focus on personal and professional development has propelled him to build several lucrative direct selling businesses. Lee serves as a Coach and Trainer providing: Leadership Development, Corporate Training, and Professional Development Training for Companies,  Athletic Organizations, and Secondary Educational  Institutes.

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Lee A. Williams motivates and empowers your audience with several compelling speeches including: Mediocre to Magnificent, What's Your Mountain? and Hustle Back. 


Lee A. Williams is a proven and effective coach having personally coached thousands of individuals in areas of entrepreneurship and personal development. 



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“Do you want to achieve your full potential?  Do you want an individualized goal oriented, results driven life coach?  Then Lee Williams is the coach for you.  Working with Lee has proven to be beneficial.  He takes time to uncover your needs/goals. He breaks it down into manageable steps and creates an environment where you hold yourself accountable.  In other words "you achieve your desired results!"  I 100% recommend him.”

-Luke Britton, Sr.

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